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Enniscrone Castle

The Archaeological Riches of Enniscrone

Enniscrone, Co Sligo, is regarded as a traditional coastal tourist resort but it also has a wealth of archaeological remains which display a rich heritage possibly dating back to the megalithic era, some 4000 to 5000 years ago.

The oldest archaeological sites in Enniscrone are the ruins of two possible passage tombs, thought to date from about 2500 BC - however research of similar sites estimate that some such tombs may in fact be much older - possibly dating from about 5000 BC.

There are numerous ancient ringforts and souterrains, promontory forts, wedge tombs and stone formations throughout the area providing evidence of a long settlement history in and about Enniscrone.

The first recorded reference to Enniscrone dates back to the 11th century when the area was the centre of power of the O'Dowd's, the principal clan in this part of Ireland. They continued to be a major maritime power during the 12th and 13th centuries. The O'Dowd's are understood to have built the original castle overlooking the village; unfortunately after a turbulent history it is now in ruins, but still maintains an imposing stature.

The modern development of Enniscrone began about the 1840's but there is visible evidence of much earlier settlements to be found all about the area. Overlooking Killala Bay and the Moy Estuary, Enniscrone offers the tourist a fine 5km of sandy beach and excellent surfing, spectacular sand dunes with a magnificent golf course; however the variety and significance of the many archaeological sites, easily visible in the vicinity of the town, should be developed and promoted as a niche tourism attraction and help ensure their preservation for future generations.

The large stones on top of the ridge in the castle field are the remains of ancient tombs possibly 7000 years old - read more...

Officials from the National Museum excavate 2000 year old skeletal remains - read more...

Was Enniscrone the seat of a King?
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Enniscrone is a great vacation destination, with lots of activities, and great places to stay and venues to dine out. There is a fabulous long sandy beach, swimming and great surfing, challenging golf, interesting walks, fishing out in the bay and boat trips. You can relax in the famous seaweed baths, as well as enjoying the beautiful coastal scenery and magnificant sunsets.

There is horseracing on the strand, the Black Pig festival, the agricultural show and a Seaweed festival for added entertainment and enjoyment.

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