Enniscrone Archaeology

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All archaeological heritage sites, including all ringforts, souterrains, megalithic tombs, barrows, mounds, cairns and wedge tombs etc., in Ireland are protected by the National Monuments Act - and not even the landowner is permitted to tamper with them in any whatsoever.

No excavations on, in or in close proximity to these sites are permitted, unless approved and licensed by the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government. Any exploratory work sanctioned must only be carried out by approved and qualified archaeologists.

There are at least 60,000 ringforts located throughout the country but it is known that many more have been lost and damaged due to natural erosion, farming practices over the centuries, or even overgrown by trees and shrubs. Most have unfortunately been destroyed due to actions by man in changing the landscape; particularly over the last few decades with increased residential and industrial developments and the building of new or improved road networks.

Even in Enniscrone, some ringforts have been damaged through mistakes of the past, probably due to an under-appreciation of their archaeological significance, combined with the pressures of an expanding seaside resort town.

There is a rich archaeological heritage to be seen in the vicinity of Enniscrone, and it is hoped that landowners, farmers, developers, local residents and visitors become more appreciative of these ancient monuments of our past. The many large and small ringforts in the locality; the very impressive 'royal' promontory fort overlooking the sea; the mysterious souterrains: cairns and mound tombs: the prominent castle ruins; and the very important remains of two or more megalithic tombs - over 5000 years old - are all
'VISIBLE HISTORY' - 'features' worthy of respect and preservation.

It is important to make people aware of the rich heritage of archaeological sites in the Enniscrone area and of the need to safeguard them for future generations.

Most archaeological sites are located on private property - DO NOT TRESPASS

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