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Promontory Fort

Promontory Fort

Promontory Fort

This is the large promontory fort, out at the end of Carrowhubbock Rd. in Enniscrone. Given its position and size it was probably a very important site, possibly the large settlement of the local chieftain or maybe even a KING.

Possibly built during the Iron Age 300 BC - 500 AD, this major ringfort must have been a large tribal settlement and may have been a very important trading centre for the area.

A very unusual and significant feature of this particular fort is that it has at least 4 embankments surrounding it, most ringforts only have one or sometimes two. This type of 'multivallate' ringfort is very rare - in a study of 1200 ringforts in the south Sligo area only one other has four banks.

Opinion is that these extra banks may have been built, not so much for added security, but more as a status symbol - a display of wealth and importance - possibly to signify a settlement of ROYALTY.

Built on a location to make maximum use of naturally defended coastal position, this large fort is protected on one side by the sea and built with a deep ditch (fosse) and high embankment on the landside and an additional 3 outer embankments. It must have been considerably larger when originally built as erosion by the sea has cut away its seaward edge considerably over the last 2000 years or more.

In January 2011 an archaeologist from the National Museum arrived to examine and excavate human skeletal remains from the stones on the stoney beach at the end of Carrowhubbuck Road, a short distance from the promontory fort. The remains were found under what must have been the remains of a small stone cairn. The amazing fact was its proximity to the road and cars parking so close by, yet remaining undiscovered for so long. Obviously built from the stones of the beach it managed to survive many years of storms and the more recent dumping of other waste. The skeleton is thought to be about 2000 years old and it is hoped that more information will be available soon.

This fort is located on private property - DO NOT TRESPASS

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